A different kind of garden

Welcome to a garden with a manifesto offering a distinctive message: ‘A different kind of garden’ tries to challenge and question traditional garden models in both actions and words.

OPENING TIMES AT A different kind of garden

The garden is open July-October by arrangement

Harmonious and inclusive garden enjoyment 

This recently created garden nestles on a hillside, with the forest at its back and rush pasture to the front. When Emily Bratt and her family moved here in 2014 there was no garden. The plot was as nature intended, with no existing cultivated plants but in magical surroundings. The first thing to be built was a terrace facing the sea, where the kitchen garden was to be laid. Nothing in the garden is just for show, it’s all made good use of in the seasonal flower arrangements that are created here. With free range poultry bringing the garden to life and creating a harmonious balance, it also showcases the interconnectedness of animals and gardens – natural cycles and organic pest control. Swedish Muscovy Ducks, Bohuslän Dals Black Hen, peafowl and Indian fantail doves don’t just look beautiful but are also a great help in the fight against pests. As well as growing, arranging and delivering floral bouquets Emily Bratt writes about gardens and also produces the podcast Trädgårdsindie.

Parking is available along the road down by the meadows. The nearest bus stop is Häggvalle Damm, a 30 minute walk away. Dogs on leads are welcome. No toilet. The garden is open July-October by arrangement.

Collaboration with Northeast England