With a firm belief in the power of nature to be a healing force, nature based rehabilitation is offered here at GreveGarden. This is a place where both people and crops get to grow!


The garden is open by arrangement

Working with nature

GreveGarden is part of Grevegården farm, situated on the lovely open Västgöta Plain 10 km south of Lidköping. Over the generations, horses, cows and grain have been raised on the farm. Nowadays gardening, people, learning and lovely experiences are what we focus on. Our philosophy is to work with nature not against it, to get the relaxation we so dearly need. 

In the last few years the awareness and development of garden and nature based therapies to improve people’s health has greatly increased in Sweden. These advances are supported by scientific research and GreveGarden has modelled its surroundings based on that research.

The garden is in the process of being transformed from being part of a farm in the middle of an open plain, to a leafy place with deciduous trees, high hornbeam hedges, newly laid stone walls, fruit trees and perennial borders. In the little kitchen garden there are vegetables that will stimulate us to enjoy, grow and eat. The greenhouse is an oasis in itself, where the fig, with its large green leaves flourishes, and grapevines climb up to the roof. On the south side the tomatoes and cucumbers stand ready to soak up the taste of the sun. And like a reviving energy source in the centre, water trickles and gold fish swim among the water lilies in a canal. 

During 2019 the garden is open solely for booked visits. The premises, toilet and greenhouse are accessible. Parking for coaches and cars. The nearest bus stop, Norra Härene Kyrka (bus 105 from Lidköping), is 1 km away. Dogs on leads are welcome.

Collaboration with Northeast England