Hultets Garden

In the middle of the beautiful Storån valley you’ll find Hultet and its garden. Backed by a ridge, flanked by deciduous woodland and with a valley stretching out in front, you can’t be anything other than astounded by the stunning beauty of this place.

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The garden is open by arrangement.

A garden in harmony with its surroundings, and a favourite haunt of insects and birds.

Classic perennial borders where new combinations and varieties are tested all the time grace the front, whilst the kitchen garden, fruit bushes and trees are an important part of this space, for both people and animals! All sorts of insects and birds feel at home here. Everything from the plants, the pond and other design features were planned with our flying friends in mind, which is why the garden is also home to a bee hive. The ridge behind has become a natural woodland area, under constant development. Sharing our space are horses, dogs, cats, hens and pond fish.

You’re welcome to wander freely in the garden and woodland. It’s a great place to bring your own picnic, or you can visit nearby Engalycka Gård. There’s parking for cars and dogs on leads are welcome. The nearest bus stop is 3 km away.