Lisbeth’s little paradise

From a worn out lawn and a few modest bushes to a leafy garden paradise. Come and be inspired by a place where a garden vision has been made into reality.

OPENING TIMES AT Lisbeth’s little paradise Varberg

The garden is open by arrangement.

A garden that spreads joy whatever the season

In the same way as you build a house Lisbeth’s little paradise was created. Sweeping borders and winding gravel paths are like the flooring. Hedges and trees were planted to provide the garden’s walls and roofs. The leafy green surroundings makes it feel sheltered and cosy. An important element of the garden is the two ponds and a number of other water features. Terrapins live in the larger pond. In the greenhouse plants are grown alongside vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and chillies.

Lisbeth shares her paradise with the busy bees who add to the loveliness of the garden with their dance in front of the hives. There’s a show hive for anyone interested in seeing how bees live. The garden is at its most beautiful in summer when the dahlias, roses, geraniums and other summer flowers compete for attention. Spring and late summer also offer lush greenery of various kinds.

Garden walks are offered in Swedish and you can also buy honey and plants to take home. Entrance fee is voluntary. There’s a toilet for visitors, and dogs on leads are welcome in the garden. There’s plenty of space to enjoy your own picnic. We recommend Sonja’s Veranda, a cafe situated around 1 km from the garden, for anyone wanting to buy lunch or fika. There is car parking for both buses and cars next to the garden.