Tistings family garden

Welcome to our large, leafy garden, where everything is as dreamy as we could wish for.

OPENING TIMES AT Tistings family garden

Open by appointment.

 A deliciously scented paradise 

This large 2000 sq metre garden consists of several rooms and inviting sitting areas. Bees and bumble bees love the herb garden and all the flowers imbue the whole place with a delightful fragrance. You’ll find everything from common plants to more exotic varieties, and you can enjoy hydrangea, honeysuckle, clematis, magnolia, peonies, roses, rock gardens and much more.  

The garden style is Cottage Garden/Arts and Craft. In early summer it’s the trees and perennials that draw the eye and in full summer the roses take their rightful place. There’s a lot to experience here in autumn and winter too. The garden works in all seasons. 

Plant sales, garden tours, talks and other events take place here.  

There are lots of spots to enjoy your own picnic and dogs on leads are welcome. There is a toilet available. Cars can park on the street and parking for coaches can be arranged. Visits can be booked via email or telephone.