Tofta Manor Magasinet

Nestled between cliffs and beech woods lies idyllic Tofta Manor and Tofta Manor Magasinet & Farm. Welcome to a place buzzing with activity.

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OPENING TIMES AT Tofta Manor Magasinet Kungälv

The garden is open by arrangement.
For Magasinet’s opening times, see their website.

The hotel and restaurant are open all year round. +46 (0) 303 - 22 58 05


A history stretching back to medieval times

The manor has a long history. Remains indicate that a large estate has existed here since medieval times. In the 18th century a magnificent garden in French style, with geometric forms, was laid. In the 19th century a windmill and a spirit distillery were built. 64 hectares of lake were drained, which now, long after, are used as pasture for the farm animals. In the 20th century the French influence was scaled back as a more English inspired garden with ponds, hedges, rose borders and gravel paths took shape. The English style is still dominant.

Tofta is family owned, and apart from the wings which are a private residence, consists of a restaurant in the main building and a hotel in two separate buildings, the Smithy and the Dairy. The old granary houses summer theatre, a café and exhibitions. Farming is carried out organically, and Aberdeen Angus cows and Gute sheep are bred. Riding on Icelandic horses is also offered and there is a golf course. Beef and lamb meat packs are sold during the season. A nearly 30 year old tradition is the annual Christmas Market, a classic festive market with everything that entails.

Book guided tours combined with a visit to the café. There’s parking on the slope behind the Magasinet and an accessible toilet can be found in that building. Pushchairs can easily be used on the garden’s gravel paths but access is more difficult for wheelchairs. Dogs on leads are welcome. There are lovely paths to walk in Tofta’s grounds and the adjacent Tofta nature reserve.