Ekebo farm

Apple trees planted in the 1800s and a hundred year old pear tree – come to a place where you can feel the history.

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OPENING TIMES AT Ekebo farm Lidköping

2024: Open on Bee Fund day 19, may, for visits other days, book via visitekebo@gmail.com

A garden modelled on the early 1900s ideal

Ekebo lies a stone’s throw away from Läckö Castle. Up till 1930 the garden was part of the castle estate but is now freehold, and run as a family farm, owned through the generations. Grain is grown on around 50 acres, produced organically with a Swedish KRAV certification. Sales of farm products (such as wheat flour and lambskin) is combined with accommodation and a small scale visitor attraction. The whole farm is a historic building. The garden at Ekebo farm is a typical West Swedish farmhouse garden. Lovely roses, peonies and lavender jostle for your attention. In one corner of the garden you can admire the beautiful lilac bower, with both old and young lilacs. At the foot of the kitchen garden there’s a fruit garden with around twenty apple trees. There are also some large deciduous trees like lime, oak, ash, maple and walnut, as well as hazelnut.

The garden is slightly undulating but accessible with rollators and prams. Unfortunately accessibility is not as good for wheelchairs. Cars can be driven right up to the garden. The outside toilet has a high threshold which makes it less accessible. Parking for cars and buses. Dogs on leads are welcome. The Pilgrim’s Trail, about 75m from the garden, has some nice spots to eat your own picnic.