Welcome to an inspiring family run garden with many creative solutions! ‘Runt min knut’ translates as ‘Round my corner’.

OPENING TIMES AT Runtminknut Munkedal

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A garden for all your senses - all year round

The garden consists of a number of lovely rooms, each with its own character yet that still form part of a unified whole.  Amongst other things here are pergolas, raised beds, a kitchen garden and a restored Victorian greenhouse. Many of the plants in the garden have been chosen for their interesting foliage and the striking combinations they make possible. Blooms are often light coloured, to show up well at dusk. The chickens in the coop cluck pleasantly, and the sound of running water, crunchy gravel and insects buzzing all adds to the pleasurable impression. Stroll around and discover things by yourselves, enjoy the scent of the roses, and have some refreshments in the sun or shade. Fika is included in the entry price, free for children. 

The garden has something to offer every season of the year. From tulips in containers in spring to evergreens, fairy lights and candles in winter. 

Accessibility in the garden is good. We occasionally sell garden related products and plants. There is no toilet. Please do not bring dogs into the garden.