Smedja Therese, the Garden of Possibilities & Sculpture Park Ouroboros

Welcome to a place with everything from crafts and art to home baked goodies. And all of it in a lovely garden being constantly transformed. Life doesn’t stand still here!

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OPENING TIMES AT Smedja Therese, the Garden of Possibilities & Sculpture Park Ouroboros Götene

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Vitality and creativity in an inspiring setting

The Garden of Possibilities (Möjligheternas Trädgård) & Sculpture Park Ouroboros can be found next to Smedja Therese’s smithy. The garden is divided into rooms, with a lovely mix of apple trees, beech, oak and perennials. Its style is English Cottage and everything is grown organically. There’s a summer house, rockery and a little greenhouse in the garden, and fruit trees and berry bushes share space with many varieties of flowers. There are even some poisonous and magical herbs! The site is over 7000 m² and among other things a beautiful forest garden is being planned. Large blocks of stone, found naturally here, have been used creatively to build new beds. They provide excellent shelter and help stop the ground from drying out.

The sculptures in the park are changed regularly so each visit is unique. The design of the garden interacts with the artists' work, choice of materials and techniques. You’ll meet chickens, cockerels and cats wandering around and they add to the welcoming atmosphere. 

The smithy is open for visits which however need to be pre-booked. Guided tours of the garden with its sculpture and ironwork are offered in Swedish and English. Entrance fee is 50 SEK. Toilet facilities. There’s parking for cars and buses close by. You can buy homemade cakes, art, crafts etc.