Two day tour in Bohuslän
A journey which includes a female gold digger’s life’s work, a rhododendron paradise and a dream garden experience.

Two day tour in Bohuslän

A journey which includes a female gold digger’s life’s work, a rhododendron paradise and a dream garden experience.

Alaskaträdgården, Nord-Långö, 452 90 Strömstad
Strömsdalen Karlsgatan 23, 452 32 Strömstad

Today's first destination is a spectacular, very special place. We are on our way out to the Alaska Garden, located on an island about 20 minutes by boat from Norra Hamnen in Strömstad. When we step, salt sprayed, off the charter boat it feels like we have landed on a fairytale island.  This place is the life’s work of a female gold digger, whose name was Hilma Svedal. Hilma went to Alaska in 1897 to dig for gold, which she did really successfully. 30 years later, she returned to Bohuslän and built her own Alaska on her estate. Gradually she turned this rugged island slowly but surely into a lush oasis. Hilma used lots of cement on the island that she herself rowed to Strömstad and back to pick up. Years of toil finally paid off. It is now a fantastic rockery garden with bridges, buildings, barbecue areas, terraces, stairs and of course rockery plants, but also geraniums, peonies and other floral delights. Walking around thinking about Hilma and being in the middle of her life's work feels truly magical. After a refreshing swim we enjoy our packed lunch, buy a cup of coffee in the café and then decide that we should all embrace Hilda Svedal's motto which reads: Don’t worry! (It's on her gravestone). I think we've got a new idol. On the boat trip back to Strömstad, we have a lot to think about.

From the harbour in Strömstad we walk to Strömsdalen, a park that feels like a bit of a hidden gem. Of course, local folk know all about it. We spot joggers, families and dog walkers, all looking comfortable and at home there. But those of us visiting for the first time walk round admiring all the fantastic plants, the wonderful little wooden bridge and the attractive green spaces. We can feel ourselves winding down as we enjoy it all. The calm here is exactly what we need after a busy day out to sea. A visitor to the park who seems very knowledgeable about plants encourages us to feel the different rhododendron leaves, the underside in particular. It feels just like velvet! So lovely to appreciate plants using more senses than just sight. It turns out that the man we’ve been chatting to owns the garden we’re planning to visit tomorrow morning, what a coincidence!
Full of impressions we head for the hotel in Strömstad we’ve booked for the night. We found accommodation tips on 


A day which starts in a rhododendron paradise in the middle of the forest and finishes with true garden joy in a biodiverse green Eden. 

Klöva Naturträdgård, Klöva Boråsgården, 452 93 Strömstad
Fjälla Trädgård, Fjälla 9, 452 92 Strömstad
Runtminknut, Södra Sjöritz 49, 455 93 Munkedal, Sverige

The day’s first port of call is Klöva Naturträdgård. Nestled in a valley between two ridges it’s the very definition of a nature garden. We walk slowly and reverently up the lane and are surprised by the combination of plants – a blend of both native and exotic. Here and there pieces of artwork are placed around. It’s majestic, imposing and impressive, a very different garden experience. About halfway along we see a ladder leading up to the sky! It’s clear that the owner’s great passion is rhododendron, there are endless varieties here, as well as a specialised rhododendron nursery, where we are naturally tempted to buy something. We say goodbye to the man we met the day before and travel on to the next place. 

Our next stop is pretty Fjälla Trädgård. It’s lovely and rural here. We walk round among fruit trees, perennials, old roses, dahlias and herbs, and the air is deliciously scented. Inside the little farm shop there’s a small but really good selection. We finally get our hands on a Kenzan flower frog, so we can create some nice flower arrangements when we get home. When we meet the garden’s owner she tells us about both the slow flower movement and what no-dig gardening consists of, really interesting to learn about those concepts from her. Before we leave Fjälla we visit the exemplary outside loo. That’s how they should look! 

We finish our garden journey in Munkedal at the inspiring family run garden Runtminknut. We enjoy exploring this large 2000 m² site with its many creative solutions. You’ll find pergolas, several places to sit, raised flower beds, a kitchen garden and a wonderful greenhouse here. The garden has been divided into several pretty rooms, each with its own character. It’s noticeable that this is a garden designed to be in, socialise in and be stimulated by. The hens clucking around the garden add to the lovely atmosphere. As refreshments are included in the entrance fee, we end our visit with tasty coffee and cake. What a lovely way to end our two day tour!